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Greetings from Auburn Tutoring!

At Auburn Tutoring, we provide individualized tutoring at competitive prices. 


In our unique one-to-one tutoring, our students work on up to 2 subjects in our minimal-distraction workspace. Students work with highly experienced tutors for 1 hour, 2-3 times per week.


We’re a local business attuned to local concerns. Our materials are prepared with California standards and local schools’ classes in mind. 

Meet the Staff




Hi I'm Chelsea! I'm a tutor and proud owner of Auburn Tutoring. Throughout my entire life I've had a passion for education, helping others, and making change. I began my journey in education by  homeschooling my own two children and later transitioned to running my own classroom at Blue Door Education Center. And now, as owner of Auburn Tutoring, it brings me such great joy investing in the youth of our local community and helping my students truly thrive.




I’ve been tutoring in some capacity for over a decade for students from kindergarten to college. I received a BA in Psychology from UC Santa Cruz in 2007. Taking college classes is a hobby of mine, so I’ve collected three additional Associates since graduating: Math, Computer Science, and Math and Science.




I am Sarah Kirwan, a 25 year old Math Major at CSU Sacramento with a Pure Math emphasis and a goal of becoming a math teacher. As a math major I am proficient in every level of math taught in k-12. Math has become my academic passion however I
started out as an Anthropology Major with an emphasis on human evolution; This was inspired by my father who teaches high school biology, and instilled in me a love of biological science. My first major plus my home life left me with a stronggrasp of biology, enough to assist those taking their high school biology courses.



Svea North

My name is Svea North. I have been tutoring for four years, starting my junior year of high school. I am currently working towards earning my masters degree in mathematics at Sierra College, and have loved learning all subjects throughout my academic career. I have attained a high GPA and academic standing at all levels of my education, and I have strived to use that knowledge to help others. Not only am I dedicated to academics, but also the academic achievements of those who I have tutored. I love working with people of all ages and being apart of their journey to success. I pride myself in being honest, compassionate, and understanding in all walks of life. I seek to further my experience and continue working as an educator to provide others with the keys to success.




Hi, my name is Teyenna Barngrover! I have been a tutor for several years in a variety of subjects. I have spent one awesome year as a tutor at Auburn Tutoring so far! I am an 18 years old senior and a freshman at California State University, Sacramento. I have maintained above a 4.0 GPA and, along with standard subjects,  I can also help students taking Spanish 1.  In my free time I enjoy spending time with my family and friends as well as crafting, knitting/crocheting, painting, and musical theatre.

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