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Auburn Tutoring provides a positive, bespoke learning
environment for students grade TK to college.

At Auburn Tutoring, we provide individualized tutoring at competitive prices. In our unique one-to-one tutoring, our students work on up to 2 subjects in our minimal-distraction workspace. Students work with highly experienced tutors for 1 hour, 2-3 times per week. We’re a local business attuned to local concerns.

Our Offerings

Semi-Private Tutoring

Two students to one tutor
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Private Tutoring

one-to-one tutoring for students
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Specialized Tutoring

Tutoring for students in advanced subjects
or students with dyslexia
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Charter School / Homeschool Programs

Vendored with all major charters to help guide students and parents through their homeschool journey.
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Community Testimonials


Highly recommend!!! I sent 2 of my kids to them and the progress was immediate. My kids literally went from having D grades to B grades within a few weeks.  They are very easy to work with and scheduling. If you want results choose Auburn Tutoring and don’t waist your time with anyone else. It’s worth it!

- David Moser

Chelsea is the owner of Auburn Tutoring and she is the sweetest person ever. She opened her tutoring center to provide for the community. I really feel she has a passion for teaching and guiding kids to succeed. My daughter is in the 2nd grade and enrolled in tutoring here. She absolutely loves the staff and is excited to learn each session. The staff do a wonderful job keeping her engaged in the material and customizing her tutoring program for her needs. In addition, they give great feedback on your child’s progress with daily report sheets and communicate with your child’s teacher for their progress in the classroom as well. Invest in your child’s education with Auburn Tutoring. They are the best!!!

- Edward Clemente

We came to Auburn Tutoring for some help with handwriting for our 6th grade son. The owners and his tutor Cindy have been amazing. And his progress has been so fast! We are very pleased with his progress and the 1-on-1 attention he has been receiving at the tutoring center. We could not recommend Auburn Tutoring enough!

- Desiree Swift

They are very patient and have worked one on one with my child to give him that special attention he needed. They address where he needs help and give a daily report of things they cover. My son really enjoys going and has a fun time while still learning. The results have shown in his school and he is making great progress.

- Amy Oconnor

My daughter has been going to Auburn Tutoring for a little over a month now. I can definitely see the difference the staff is making for my daughter's math skills. I'm very grateful and happy with with the progress my daughter is making. Thank you to all the tutors for helping my daughter! I appreciate you all!!

- Daniela Davis

I could not be happier with Auburn Tutoring! They have helped my daughter in math so much, and she actually enjoys it! The instructors are so kind, and explain things perfectly. I recommend them to everyone.

- Kelsey McCleary

Our granddaughter was behind in school due to Distance Learning. We enrolled her at Auburn Tutoring. We are pleased that she is catching up in math. We are also pleased that she wants to go and comes home happy and excited about her experience.

- Joni F

My daughter has been going here all through COVID - not only does she get some one on one with a teacher I feel she is not falling as behind as she could be in regular school.  They send a daily progress report home every time we attend. We are very happy with their services.

- Crystal Miller

My son who is in second grade has been going for about 3 weeks now to work on reading & he absolutely loves it!! He’s excited to go every time & I have already started to notice a difference in his reading at home.

- Amy Clark

My granddaughter is in 3rd grade. She's a great student in everything but math. She has never seemed to take ian interest or even "get it" at all. For two years she went to tutoring with a "chain store" tutoring service. No progress. None! She has had only two tutoring sessions at Auburn Tutoring and she loves math now. She wants to show me on paper exactly what she has learned. After so much effort to teach her any math, it feels like a miracle. But it is really knowledgable, caring, dedicated people who know how to teach. Highly Recommended!

- Gramma Lunda


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We are confident that you will love your container! We offer a 30 day money back guarantee (minus shipping costs). All containers are guaranteed to have doors that seal properly, floors that are free from holes, and do not leak. We personally inspect each container, however if there is a rare occasion that the container does not meet the guarantee standards, we will either replace the unit or pay for repairs on site.

Note: The guarantee does not include contents of the container or damaged caused by the customer. This is only for the structural integrity of the unit. We encourage customers to inspect their unit prior to use.

Cosmetic condition and color are not part of the guarantee. All used equipment is subject to surface rust, dings/dents, and other cosmetic issues. If appearance is a high priority we recommend a one-trip unit or arranging to have the unit painted after delivery.

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